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Leaksfeed.com is a community site designed to allow access to information without traditional intermediate media so that this information is as true as possible and is not manipulated.

Each member can intervene to inform about an event that he / she witnesses but also to share a daily reality (deception, injustice, inappropriate behavior, fraud, a crime, an offense, a life threatening others, etc. ..).

Leaksfeed is not intended to promote denunciation but simply to allow access to information that is true to the greatest number.

We are all daily witnesses but are not equal before access to certain information.These are often used for partisan purposes and presented in a chosen light.
Leaksfeed is an area of ​​freedom and expression.

Leaksfeed participates in enabling each of us to be, in his own way, a "Alert Launcher".

We thank all those "alert launcher" who, through their courage and their respective initiatives, allowed access to the truth to the greatest number of people, including:
Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, Erin Brockovich, Antoine Deltour, Daniel Ellsberg, W.Mark Felt, Denis Robert, Jeffrey Wigand, Nicole-Marie Meyer, Marty Baron, Bennet Omalu and Michael Wootford......

Whatever happens and which you witness, inform the community.
Our motto: freedoms and truths

Everyone should be free to form their opinion on the basis of accurate information. Leaksfeed contributes in its own way to this.